iPad Pillow Reviews: The Best iPad Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

We’ve covered a lot of iPad accessories on this site in the past. However we have been forgetting one very important category: iPad Pillows. There is perhaps no more essential and fundamentally needed iPad accessory than the iPad pillow. Reading and watching the iPad while in bed, while on the couch, and while laying down is a favorite habit of ours as it no doubt is of yours. If that’s true, prepare to feast your eyes on the most revolutionary iPad accessories you’ve ever seen. They will change your life. Introducing the iPad Pillows!


The WedgePad is the original iPad bean bag pillow. This handmade iPad pillow is a a soft lap stand that holds the iPad at a convenient 30-45 degree angle, and is perfect for laying down on the couch and chillin’ like a villain while you browse the youtubes. It’s simple and convenient in every way. The straps hold the iPad on very securely in landscape format. It is light and versatile, and the beans inside help it to conform securely to any surface, including your lap. The only possible complaint we had found was that the iPad can only be supported in landscape format. Minor quibble aside, we love it! Get yours here for $27.00.


The ePillow is another clever iPad pillow that doubles as an actual… pillow! Able to support your iPad at almost any angle and complete with luggage straps, this is the perfect solution for any and all frequent travelers. We love how this iPad pillow actually doubles as a pillow and can totally see using it on airplanes or bus trips when we get tired of typing and need a little nap. The iPad sits safely in the little pocket and can be used in landscape and portrait mode. Our only quibble with this iPad pillow stand is that it’s not the best angle for laying in bed and reading, it’s more for sitting and using on your lap (i.e. while traveling). This awesome 21st century travelers accessory is available here for $29.95.

Lap Log

The Lap Log is our favorite iPad pillow by far. It supports the iPad in landscape and portrait mode at any angle you want for viewing. It’s easy on the wrists, and also works for any tablet you might have (in case you happen to be a kindle, tab, or nook owner…). Not only is it an awesome pillow stand, it is eco friendly as well! Crafted from organic and 100% recyclable materials this is guaranteed to leave no carbon footprint in your house. It is very stable on most every surface and is perfect for bed reading and while sitting down. It feels very well crafted and will last you a long time and work with any tablet you might have in the future. Two thumbs up for the Lap Log! Our only complaint with this accessory is that we’d like a bit of padding on the wooden stand that holds the iPad in place to protect it a little bit and give it some grip. Other than that, we loved it in both sizes! Get the Lap Log iPad Stand here for $39.95

iPad PIllows Are The Most Underrated Essential iPad Accessory

Trust us, this is the one iPad accessory no iPad user can do without. We never knew how much we absolutely needed an iPad pillow until we actually owned one. Now our late night netflix viewing, our afternoon ebook readings, and our morning youtube surfing has become 100x more comfortable. The iPad pillow is the #1 most underrated accessory on the market, yet it is in our opinion the best iPad accessory money can buy!

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  1. Joe J. says:

    I found the wedge-e holder on http://www.wedge-e.net and its the best holder or stand I found so far. I’ve purchased a few of the most popular pillows, wedges, and find myself always going back to the wedge-e holder. It doesnt block speakers and can be used as a holder while charging. The angle is perfect and its super comfortable!

  2. Arnold says:

    Where can I buy iPad pillow

  3. Joe P says:

    Love the Lap Log. Very well made and comfortable.
    You can get it here http://thelaplog.com/

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