iFrogz Aura Headphones Break the Price Sound Barrier

The best sounding over the ear headphones in the sub $150 price range

For too many years I have been in search of an over the ear headphone that could stand toe-to-toe with some of the most popular audiophile brands, without the premium price tag.  Recently we got our hands on the latest sound product from iFrogz and after some testing we all agree, the iFrogz Aura headphones Break the Price Sound Barrier!

We have all wondered what separates good headphones from bad ones.  Every time I go to stereo stores like Best Buy or the Apple store, I look for the latest and greatest headphones.  Most times I am shocked at the price tags.  Even more shocking is the quality of the expensive ones.  Sometimes I feel like just because something is expensive I am supposed to believe it is also good quality.  Don’t believe it.

I am sure if you are like me, you have owned plenty of bad headphones as well.  When I bought my first pair of Beats, I was amazed.  And since that day, I have been on the lookout for a headphone that had the same quality but at a far lower price.  I mean $300 for a pair of good headphones is one thing, but when they fall apart after a few months – service repairs on the Beats brand nearly crippled Monster – the quality of sound quickly loses its appeal.  Well I am here to tell you a few reasons why the iFrogz Aura headphones deliver quality sound at an unbelievable price.


Headphones come in a number of different designs.  The smallest form, earbuds, typically produce poor sound.  With the exception of the ZR-Six from Zagg, I don’t recommend earbuds.  Then there are the on-ear phones like the typical Solo Beats which usually produce good sound, but do not block-out all noise because they sit on your ear rather than over it.  Sure they are compact and good for traveling, but if you desire good affordable sound, it will be hard to find.  The Zagg ZR-LE wood headphones are a great example of a high quality and moderate priced on-ear design.

And then then there are the over the ear headphones.  Over the ear headphones provide you with two benefits: First, the headphone itself covers your entire ear, essentially killing any outside noise from interfering with your sound.  This is important for good sound production because it provides a pure environment from which to generate the sound.  Blocking-out people talking on a plane or crying babies is also a plus.  Second, the size of the headphone allows the manufacturer to utilize a larger speaker.  Larger speakers mean more, true bass production.  And more bass production means your sound will be both larger and more realistic.  This is why earbuds will never be considered Audiophile hardware.

The iFrogz Aura headphones completely cover the ear.  Eliminating any outside noise and providing a platform for a great sound.  Additionally, the Aura’s are sturdy.  Headphones need to be built to withstand a lot of abuse.  Mine are tossed around in my backpack, luggage, back seat, desk, etc.  You name it, they have been there.  The iFrogz Aura headphones are built from heavy plastic and metal.  The cushions are not some thin, flimsy piece of material that feels like it will tear or wear-out quickly, but a thick and hungry piece of foam covered with leather.  Yes leather.


The technology behind headphones is pretty simple.  Since they were popularized in the 1950′s, the design has changed little.  There is essentially a “speaker” or actually called a Moving Coil Driver / Transducer that vibrates to electronic pulses.  This produces the sound and acts like a speaker very similar to what you see in car or home stereos.

iFrogz Aura Headphones Break the Price Sound Barrier

There are two factors that affect sound quality: Frequency and EQ.  The frequency a speaker is able to produce is really where the quality of sound begins.  Most headphones are capable of producing a range of frequencies that can be heard by the human ear.  Typically we hear frequencies between 20 Hz at the lowest, or Bass, and 20k Hz at the highest for Treble.  This is why most headphones have a 20-20k Hz range like Beats.  These headphones do not typically sound good either unless they are EQ’d properly which I will discuss in a minute.  Lower and higher frequency producing drivers usually mean they are higher quality.  The additional frequency range also provides a more rich listening experience.  The iFrogz Aura produces 8-30k Hz which if you have been following along, is better.  In fact, very few headphones produce such ranges.  And most of them that do, sound goodbut they are also expensive.

EQ or Equalization is a tool that allows you to increase or decrease the volume level of certain frequencies in a sound.  Look at your iPod or iPhone and you will find EQ settings for Bass Boost, Rock, Pop, Treble Boost, etc.  These are preset EQ settings with frequencies boosted or lowered to give you the best sound for a specific type of music.  I typically do not use these EQs because they change the sound too much.  But when you strap on a pair of Beats and the sound jumps off your ear, EQ is at work.  Many people say Beats have too much bass.  And that may be true for some music, but not Rock.  Beats have a boosted lower frequency therefore if you listen to bass heavy music like hip hop or rap, it may sound like too much bass.  Much of the discussion is around preference, however, and not the real dynamics of the headphone.

The iFrogz Aura headphones provide a rich listening experience with good highs and lows and do not sound like they have been heavily EQ’d in order to change the production quality.  In fact, they are some of the most pure sounding drivers I have ever heard.  The size of the coil provides a really good bass response.  You may not be able to hear much lower than 20 Hz, but you can feel it.  The highs on the opposite end of the frequency spectrum are also well represented.  With 30K Hz at the top end, the treble is well represented by a crisp production that is pleasing to the ear, especially when your music requires a high definition driver.  The iFrogz Aura simply delivers!


The most important factor related to headphones is the ratio between quality and price.  A $300 pair of Bose headphones BETTER sound awesome!  And most of them do.  A $20 pair of earbuds will NOT sound good.  Guaranteed!  You can find some that are OK, like the new Apple earbuds.  But to find an excellent pair of over the ear audiophile headphones for under $150 is pretty difficult.  The iFrogz Aura is not only well made, therefore they will last a lot longer than the flimsy Beats, it sounds great and sells for a great price.  All this for $129.99!  Thank you iFrogz!

If you decide to give them a try, we hope you’ll come back to iPadAccessories.com and share your opinion.  We want to know what you think. Oh, and if you happen to be on Facebook or Twitter, we’d appreciate it if you’d be our friend or follow us. Good things are in store this year for those who take the time to connect! Stay tuned…

iFrogz Aura Headphones Break the Price Sound Barrier

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