Go Green With Solio Solar Chargers for the iPad

After reviewing some of the top Green Eco Friendly iPad Cases, we thought we’d continue our environmentally conscious streak by reviewing some environmentally friendly iPad accessories- the Solio Solar Chargers that let you charge your iPad with nothing more than the mighty power of the sun. Released in 3 main versions, from the Rocsta H1000, the Solio Classic, and the high powered Solio Magnesium edition, all of these devices are compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. For the ultimate 0 carbon footprint, check out our review of the Solio Solar Powered Chargers for iPad.

Solio Rocsta H1000 for iPad

The Solio Rocsta H1000 is a very dependable solar charger based on the reviews we’ve read. It is built to be used and abused with it’s high impact plastic shell and built in rugged carabiner and connector cables. It can be charged from a wall socket in under 3 hours, or in direct sunlight in about 10 hours. It has a 1000mAH Lithium Ion battery, and puts out 5 Watts of power.  That equals 3.5 hours of talk time on your iPhone, or 27 hours of playtime on your iPod Touch. It’s got one highly efficient solar panel, and is great if you need to take your iPad or iPhone trekking with you.

Note: as with all of these solar chargers *direct* sunlight is necessary, so for best results you need to be sure your charger is outside, under direct sunlight with no clouds, and even adjust the angle of the collector as the sun moves across the sky for maximum charge.

Solio Classic for iPad

The Solio Classic Solar Charger is an upgraded version of the Rocsta. It has three high efficiency solar panels that fold out, an internal 1650mAH Lithium Ion, and can be fully charged in the sun in around 9 hours or via a wall socket in under 5. It also puts out 5 Watts of energy so it can power most small electronic devices. Ruggedized as well, this little device is made to be used heavily. As with all solar chargers though, you need to be sure that it gets direct sunlight at all times.

Don’t expect a fast charge of the Solio’s battery in the sun, or for it to charge your devices quickly. However, it is reliable and will work if one is patient.

Solio Magnesium Edition For iPad

The Solio Magnesium Edition Solar Charger is the top of the line solar charger offered by Solio. It’s got three ultra efficient grade solar panels, a 1800mAH Lithium Ion battery, and pumps out an impressive 8 Watts of power. That translates into over 5 hours of talk time on your iPhone and 49 hours of playtime on your iPod touch. It’s a similar design as the Solio Classic, but made from a high strength environmental metal Magnesium Alloy sourced from sea water instead of an ABS/Polycarbonate mix that the Classic version has.

This is a top of the line solar charger for your iPad. It’s probably the best we’ve seen yet as far as efficiency and environmental friendliness. No commercially available solar charger is perfect yet, however it is a great way to go all green with your iPad, and keep you and your small electronic devices permanently off the grid.

Solio Mobile Chargers

Solio mobile chargers are lightweight, palm-sized mobile power devices that capture the sun’s energy using solar cells. They are all RoHS compliant and contain no hazardous materials. The devices store energy using a lithium-ion battery that is capable of holding a charge for up to one year, can fully charge a mobile phone up to 2.5 times, and can be recharged up to 1,000 times before being replaced. Solio units can be re-charged via the sun, a USB port on a computer or a wall socket.

Solio products are responsibly built and designed to be recycled after their useful life is over. For example, consumers can remove the battery from the Solio and mail it to Better Energy Systems, who then disposes of the battery responsibly. This process helps eliminate added toxic e-waste that continues to pollute landfills around the world. Consumers may purchase a replacement battery from Better Energy Systems for $25. Solio chargers are also the only chargers that are made of 80 percent recycled and recyclable materials.

5 Responses to Go Green With Solio Solar Chargers for the iPad

  1. Runescope says:

    None of these output the 10watts necessary for charging the iPad, so none of them should be on this site.

  2. Solio says:

    I’ve been using the solio charger for a long time now and i must say it’s been a great product so far. Able to withstand harsh environments and even on top of the mountains it works really good which makes this the best choice for a travel companion to keep all your important stuff charged.

  3. Saverjet says:

    It DOESN’T work on IPAD
    NO 10W as required!!

  4. tom says:

    that’s strange, you don’t really need 10w to charge the ipad, you could have used your iphone charger to charge your ipad.

  5. Electric iPad says:

    I took my Solio and iPad on a tent-camping vacation. The Solio Magnesium has a bigger battery, and still didn’t add more than 10 – 20% to the iPad’s overall charge when fully charged. And a full Solio charge is complicated to get unless you have a place where you can really leave the Solio in full sun for the full day.

    Even then, the Solio is only useful if the iPad is used very sparingly: 10% battery use per full day of carefully monitored charging in full sunshine.

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