Deft Detour 360 iPad 2 Case

We recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Deft Detour 360 case for the iPad 2. This case is a leather iPad 2 case with smart cover features and a rotating stand, it’s elegant sty… know what… let’s cut to the chase here: This case rocks. We have 0 complaints and nothing but compliments. So if you want a great leather case that will both protect and look stylish at the same time… look no further than the Deft Detour 360. Plus if you buy in August through amazon you can get an additional 10% off using this Amazon coupon code: “MACRUMOR” Read on for details and praise.

Don’t Let Your Device Go Naked!

Deft Devicewear is a new iPad accessory company that has made what appears to be a pretty big debut hit with their Detour 360! Showing a sense of humor, their motto is “Don’t let your device go naked!” and they are dedicated to making high-quality, stylish protective outerwear for iPads. As a public service announcement, they request that we clothe our devices as it is the only decent thing to do.

The other reason we really like this device is that the creators really seem to be in touch with the iPad community and are doing their best to respond to customer questions and concerns. Way to go guys!

Anatomy Of The Detour 360

The Detour 360 is made from high quality black leather with a pleasant grain and grip to it. It closes with a nice thick black elastic strap, Moleskine style. The front of the case is simple and elegant and professional. It’s on the backside of this case where the real styling comes in.

Similar to the Targus VersaVue, this case allows the iPad to 360 degrees. It also has a nifty hole cut out in the center to show off the Apple logo on the iPad 2. In fact, the Detour 360 is very similar to the VersaVue, minus the nasty Chinese chemical factory smell that most Targus products come with. We also liked how the plastic tray in the back was covered in leather too. It’s a small touch, but very much appreciated.

Inside the Detour you have a padded microfiber interior that protects and helps to keep your iPad safe from shocks and drops, as well as clean the screen as it rubs. The tray holding the iPad 2 is great, it hardly covers the screen at all and holds the device very very firmly. There’s no way your iPad will pop out of this case! The case acts as a stand and functions in two different positions, one optimized for typing, the other for viewing.

Oh, it also has the magnetic smart cover functionality that wakes your iPad up when it opens and puts it to sleep when it closes. And it comes with a screen cleaning cloth. Like the 360 in the Detour’s name implies, it is around well thought out!

Think Of The Children…

Overall, we have nothing but positive things to say about this case, and so do all the reviews on Amazon. It’s a great alternative to using your iPad commando style and scaring all the little children. Score your very own Detour 360 case today for $36.95. And remember- if you buy in August you can get a 10% discount courtesy of Macrumors by entering this coupon code at checkout: MACRUMOR.

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