BOOK for iPad- A unique iPad Case

Bibliophiles rejoice! Now you can turn your iPad into a book! It’s the perfect disguise, nobody would ever think that a high tech Apple tablet could possibly be concealed in a low tech dusty old book! Never judge a book by it’s cover again because Long Live Books has created an iPad sleeve that turns your iPad into a real page turner (editor’s note: we’re going to include as many puns as we can in this post)! Check out our review of this unique iPad book cover and sleeve…

Play Where’s Waldo On Your Bookshelf With Your iPad BOOK Cover

The BOOK for iPad is a hand crafted iPad cover that is both elegant and sneaky. For all you book lovers out there who just love the feel of a hard linen cover in their hands, who love the smell of old books as you turn the pages, who when looking for an apartment first check to see how far it is from a half-price bookstore… this is the case for me! … I mean you! I MEAN DON’T JUDGE ME I JUST LIKE TO READ OK??!!

Each BOOK cover for the iPad is hand crafted by two artists in their Minnesota studio. Made from the highest quality, sustainable and renewable (for you eco fiends out there) materials, nothing is overlooked in the love that is lavished on these cases. Made from natural German wool felt on the inside and protected with a beautiful hard book cover on the outside while being secured with a velcro edge. It’s a great way to hide your iPad all secret agent style on a bookshelf, or make a very cool coffee table conversation piece.

Available in 3 different styles, and also available for a 13” Macbook, these cases retail for $89. The price point is higher than your average cover for an iPad, but the BOOK for iPad is as much of a statement as it is an accessory. Put this iPad cover on your Bestseller list! (editor’s note: here ends the book related puns)

3 Responses to BOOK for iPad- A unique iPad Case

  1. Roger says:

    Question: Once the iPad is removed from the case can it be used as a stand or is just a cover?

    • admin says:

      Not that we could tell, but perhaps one of our readers know better. This case, while cool, isn’t much more than a standard iPad jacket/sleeve.

  2. Omar says:

    Is there a copyright or patent on this?

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