Best iPad Gifts for Grads Chewbacca Messenger BagEvery year it happens, our kids, friends, cousins, nieces and nephews, or someone we know graduates from High School or College.  Throw out the shaving and shoe polish kits, and give the Best iPad Gifts for Grads they really want!

Seems like groundhog day.  It’s May, and I have a list of grads to gift for their accomplishments in school.  Many times for the men I purchase what my father gave me: a shiner’s box loaded with shoe polish tools or a leather travel kit.  Both of which I still use today.  Unfortunately, finding durable goods like that is getting much more difficult these days.  There were no girls in my family, other than my sweet Mother, so when it came to gifts for graduating ladies the challenge was a little more difficult.  And while gift cards for gas and cash are always appreciated, grads today simply want something they can use and appreciate; something they can remember you by…

So I wanted to give you some unique and useful ideas for the grads in your life this year.  Fortunately for you, the cost of these gifts will fit into any budget.  Consider it a gift to you as well!  Happy shopping!

ThinkGeek for the Boys!

This year there are far too many items in the ThinkGeek catalogue to mention, but here are the top items on our list for the boys:

Drum and Guitar Accessories

For the musician, there are so many apps they can use to compose and play music.  The Pix & Stix Conductive Drumsticks and Guitar Pick Set allows you to Whack and Strum your iPad like never before! 

Your grad will quickly get to playing and creating with Garage Band on their iPads!  Each set comes with two drumsticks and one guitar pick. The heads of each stick is conductive, so they will trigger your Garage Band instruments without harming your iPad. They will make hours of fun jamming with the Pix & Stix Conductive Drumsticks and Guitar Pick Set.

iPad Joysticks

Give your grad the next level of tablet-based gaming with the JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick. The JOYSTICK-IT is a real, physical joystick for increased precision for games on your iPad. Press to attach them to your screen for improved gaming. No wires or batteries needed.

The JOYSTICK-IT works with thousands of different game apps. Any game that has an on-screen control pad of some kind is perfect for the JOYSTICK-IT. Simply run your game of choice, place the JOYSTICK-IT over the on-screen control pad and push down. The JOYSTICK-IT sticks to the glass of your display and is ready for action. The lightweight solid milled-aluminum construction of the JOYSTICK-IT adds more precise movement and faster response time for enhanced playability. When you’re done, simply pull-up on the JOYSTICK-IT to remove from the screen.

Ruck Sack for the iPad

If your grad will be taking their iPad into extreme conditions like outdoor adventures, war, or the zombie apocalypse, Kato is your bag. Made of durable DuPont Cordura, padded, and quilted, it’ll protect your device from hazards in the field. With modular MOLLE web field, a large side pouch with MOLLE & accessory loop, and additional MOLLE areas on front and sides, it’ll hold your holster, mag pouches, and more. Who says you can’t have brawn and brains?

And finally, what geek grad would be caught without the kind of protection that could both save their iPad and the universe from tyrannical evil?

Chewbacca Messenger Bag

This Chewbacca iPad Pilot Bag brings a whole new level to the puny “man-made” bag game. Its not only the most manly man purse in the galaxy, but it backs it up with a bandolier style shoulder strap, adjustable for heights from Ewok to Wookiee.

Don’t worry, like other leather bags on our site that pull a much higher price tag, this one is made of durable faux leather, so you won’t need to pawn your Millennium Falcon to acquire it.  Don’t let the faux fool you, however, this bag will travel many lightyears – that’s a few hundred million parsects to our Wookie friends – before it needs a tune-up.

ThinkGeek for the Girls!

iPad Clutch

Ahh the girls!  Yes, there are a few iPad ideas for them as well:

This feminine – without being pink – and useful – without being annoying to carry – Clutch is so sweet that most girls without iPads will ponder buying one!  Everything an iPad-loving girl needs when she’s on the go, this soft leather Clutch hugs your iPad  with a leather bezel. It has a flip-it, tent-style design for viewing videos or presentations. The design also allows for an integrated typing angle for comfortable note-taking or writing.  Clutch features a roomy primary pocket, two zippered pockets, five wide card slots, and elastic sided pockets for your pens, phone, or personal WiFi device.

Compatibility: Designed for a snug & safe fit for the iPad 2 or iPad 3. (Sorry, iPad 1 does not fit)  Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″ x 2.125″  Weight: 1.5 lbs (Add in your iPad and you’re still under 3 lbs total!)

Whether they’re toting their iPad to a board meeting or just using it to play Words with Friends,  they want to look sharp. But what good is looking sharp if you can’t carry all your stuff, right?

Style and function both unite in this slim profile iPad case. Open the sleek leather Wallet and start filling its many pockets, ready to store their on-the-go essentials. Flip it open, tent-style, for viewing videos or presentations. It also has an integrated typing angle for comfortable note-taking or writing. The Wallet has a roomy primary pocket, two zippered pockets, five wide card slots, and elastic sided pockets for your pens, phone, or personal WiFi device. In essence, The Wallet could be your One Thing You Carry that holds everything you need.


ShanaLogic: Graduate with Honors!

Some of the most unique gifts we found in our search came from one of our favorite sites, ShanaLogic.  Here is an assortment of ideas you are sure to find pleasing to the eye and pocketbook!

Elephant Messeger BagDJ Kitty Messenger BagBird Messenger BagPeriodic Table BagFaux Fox SleevePirate Bunny Sleeve




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