2010 iPad Gift Guide

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and people are starting to think about what gifts they will be buying for their loved ones. It’s been an exciting year to say the least for Apple fans, and the iPad is one of the most popular must have gifts of 2010. If you are getting an iPad for that special someone, or perhaps they are already a proud owner and in need of iPad accessories, we’ve put together this report just for you of our favorite iPad cases, covers and accessories of the year. Introducing: The 2010 iPad Gift Guide!

Zagg iPad Screen Protection – Essential iPad Accessory!

If there is one essential accessory for every iPad owner on the planet, it’s going to be a screen protector to preserve your iPad’s original pristine condition and protect it from any damage. Readers of our site already know that we are big fans of the Zagg invisibleSHIELD for the iPad. There is nothing better on the market when it comes to iPad protection, you can read our review of this incredible iPad screen protector here. In addition to the invisibleSHIELD they also let you add a touch of distinction to your iPad with the genuine leather LEATHERskin backing. This adhesive leather cover protects the back of the iPad and also makes it look oh so classy. Also available from Zagg are the ZaggSKINs for the iPad which have the invisibleSHIELD protection and are available in many artistic patterns and pictures with matching wallpapers.

No matter what other iPad related gifts you buy this year make sure you get some iPad protection from Zagg. It’s one purchase that won’t be getting returned the next day… partly because it’s physically attached to the iPad, but mostly because it’s just plain awesome!


iPad Cases

Most iPad owners will also be looking for a cool case to display and protect their Apple tablet. With so many on the market, how do you choose which one is best? It can be a hard choice, but we can offer some suggestions to help you decide.


Moleskine iPad Folio Notebook

Currently our favorite all around iPad case would have to be the Moleskine iPad Case. Thanks to it’s legendary status as the notebook of the great minds, this is a case says that you know class when you sees it. It’s got a sweet moleskine notebook as well so you can take fast notes without powering on. It’s our iPad case of choice! A close runner up is the DODOcase for $59.99, which looks similar and is a great blend of handmade excellence and classy styling. The hand carved case is made with love right in San Francisco. The Marware Eco-Vue Leather iPad Case is another close runner up thanks to it’s multifunctionality, plus the price is unbeatable. The Marware Eco-Vue case is available for just $30! If you are looking to go more upscale and classy, then we’d recommend looking into the Sena’s Zipbook leather iPad case for $99 which doesn’t fail to disappoint.


Otterbox Defender iPad Hard Case

If you are looking for more rugged case with additional protection, then you really can’t go wrong with the Otterbox Defender or Otterbox Commuter for the iPad. These are truly rugged iPad hard covers with multiple layers of armor that will protect the tablet from almost anything a normal human could throw at them. Whether you are joining the marines, trekking jungles, or frequent heavy construction sites, this case is perfect for you! We have a full review of the Otterbox Defender for iPad and the Otterbox Commuter for iPad where you can learn more. However if you are looking for a hard case that is a little less extreme, but every bit as cool, JavoEdge has some very stylish iPad hard cases that are eye catching and high quality. Our favorite JavoEdge cases are below. If you want more awesome iPad hard cases then check out our giant iPad hard case roundup for more action!


Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve

If you are using an iPad hard case, or just sporting the invisiblSHIELD or LEATHERskin by Zagg, then likely you will be looking into getting a nice sleeve to protect your iPad during transport and when not in use. We are big fans of Saddleback’s super rugged and useful leather iPad sleeve. It’s hard core and made from super thick leather. The sleeve is thick enough and has enough of a lip around all the edges to provide significant protection for your iPad should it fall. There’s also two pouches on the outside for smaller accessories like your charger and headphones so you can keep everything close together. The sleeve comes with Saddleback’s lifetime 100 year warrenty, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product, and if not… send it back!

Another awesome iPad sleeve is the Caselogic iPad sleeve made from nylon and rubber for grip for a mere $7.95 . Also the Targus Hugues Leather iPad portfolio is a classy option as well for $50. Finally the ever popular Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve for the iPad is another favorite available for $49.99.


iPad Bags

Ah the iPad bag, the infamous murse that is just big enough to hold an iPad but just small enough to look girly. This may not be an issue if you happen to be of the fairer gender, but for those of us who don’t smell like rose petals and strawberries 24/7 choosing an iPad bag can cause much consternation. Check out our selection of the best iPad bags of 2010 below!

Saddleback Leather iPad Satchel

If you are looking to get a super high quality iPad bag for that special someone and worry that they will like it, look no further than the Saddleback Leather Satchel. It’s got everything a rugged world traveling man bag needs, will probably become your best friend and take a bullet for you, and it actually makes you cooler when you wear it! Available for an astounding $310, this is no gift to sneeze it. If you want you can read our extensive Saddleback leather satchel review or you can just check it out on their website: Saddleback and Co. Leather Satchel.

We did an extensive iPad bag for men roundup already if you are interested in some other options, and here’s a few runners up to the best iPad bag: We would be remiss to leave out the ULTIMATE iPad bag: the original Padster for $165. This bag is perfect for any occasion, professional or play. It’s a great bag that has a ton of functionality and it looks pretty darn slick too! We are big fans of this bag, and it’s our runner up for the best iPad bag on the market right now! If that’s still out of your price range then the Brenthaven Switch available for $39.95 is a great low price iPad bag that has double personalities and can be reversed to fit different wardrobes. It is sturdy and looks pretty dang cool. Of course, for a true messenger bag for the iPad you can’t go wrong with the Timbuk2 Freestyle Bag for $58 which has a special pocket for the iPad and room to spare for all your other bike messenger necessities.


iPad Stands

The iPad is a great device for reading, watching movies, checking out the latest youtube videos, and even as a super high tech digital picture frame. An iPad stand is an essential accessory if you are planning to travel with your iPad. Here’s our selection of the best iPad stands of 2010:


iPad Kickstand

Our iPad stand of choice would have to be the iPad Kickstand for $17.95. This adjustable stand folds up into a tiny package for easy transport and unfolds like a tripod to hold your iPad at any angle you like. It’s an ingenious little piece of engineering with a simple design that just works. You can’t go wrong with this iPad stand.

However, if you are looking for the ULTIMATE iPad stand we’d have to point you in the direction of the Hypermac iPad Battery Stand for $129.95. This iPad stand blows away the competition by combining an dual angled iPad stand with a built in 16 hour 11,000 mAH iPad battery. This bad boy holds enough gigawatts to recharge your iPad 1.6 times while on the road! It’s military grade lithium ion cells support up to 1000 recharges, and it is everything you need to keep working without worrying about recharging… almost ever. It’s by far the best value if you want a high quality iPad stand and the best external iPad battery we’ve seen yet! We’re also big fans of the Wedgepad iPad bean bag stand that makes reading your iPad in bed a breeze, and doubles as a comfy headrest in case you forgot your pillow! If you are on a tight budget looking for some stocking stuffers, then you can’t go wrong with the wallet friendly Perfect iPad Stand for $4.50 that is everything you need for less than a vente double shot caramel machiato with extra whipped cream.


iPad Keyboards

Everybody who owns an iPad knows that to do some serious work on it, you are going to need a keyboard. Thankfully there are a large variety of bluetooth keyboards that are small, compact, and very very useful. No matter where you are in the world, you can easily slip one of these little guys into your iPad bag and be ready for anything. Check out our favorites below:

Sena iPad Keyboard Folio

Now this is one hot iPad keyboard! It’s not only a keyboard, it’s also a folio case for your iPad. This is one sexy little number that’s sure to draw envious stares from all your coworkers, and not just because of it’s bright colors. Sena has outdone themselves this time with their iPad Keyboard Folio for just $149! The runner up is the iGo Stowaway Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for $140 thanks to it’s high quality and compact size, it is slightly cheaper as well, although it still is a highly functional and compact keyboard for the iPad. Of course, you could always go with the larger Apple bluetooth keyboard for $69 which is the cheapest of them all but extremely high in quality. The only downside is that it’s not exactly compact and does not fold. Finally there is the Freedom Pro which is similar to the iGo but even cheaper still, it has gotten some mixed reviews online, but we love ours! Either way, a bluetooth keyboard is essential if your special someone wants or needs to do some serious work on their iPad.


Other Super Cool iPad Gifts

There are so many other amazing iPad accessories out there, if you can’t figure out what to get for your loved ones this year, then maybe you need to think outside the box… or bag… or cover… here’s our top picks for some of the other super cool iPad accessories on the market!


Sonos iPad Speakers

The Sonos speaker system lets you turn your iPad or iPhone into a wireless music controller. These amazing speakers operate, communicate, and network wirelessly in your house to give you instant music that you can control directly from your iPad! It’s a super chic and high tech way to listen to music with ease in your house. Imagine streaming Pandora radio wirelessly and in high fidelity instantly! There’s a ton of options for how to rig your house with a wireless sonos speaker system, so check it out today! Oh and if you use the coupon code FREESHIPSONOS for Free 2-day Shipping on all Sonos Wireless Home Audio products.


Ten One Pogo Sketch Stylus – Essential iPad Accessory

Ok, so most of us already come with 10 iPad styluses built in (our fingers) but let’s face it… those can be a little oversized and clumsy. For precision, speed, and quality, there simply is no better iPad stylus out there than the Ten One Pogo Sketch stylus. We’ve reviewed it in the past, and it continues to prove to be the best on the market. It’s small size makes it easily stowed away, especially when you use the Intrepid Bags Vagabond iPad sleeve pen holder, and it’s tiny tip makes it incredibly precise on the screen. If you are an artist looking to get into digital painting, a Pogo stylus is an essential tool you simply can’t do without. For more information you can check out our iPad stylus roundup, or you can just purchase one directly: Ten One Pogo Sketch Stylus is on sale for $14.95 or less!

So there you have it, our top iPad accessories of 2010!

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    Wanna know what’s completely missing for the holidays???

    An iPad web camera case (I’d buy it right now if it did HD & facetime)

    Alternatively, the Schosche iClops — an insertable webcam. It’d have to be HD.

    How is it that developers missed the Christmas opportunity?

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